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Communication and patient care

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1Communication and patient care Empty Communication and patient care on Mon Dec 05, 2011 3:06 pm


As I introduce myself to my patient the morning of clinical, I kind of get a feel for how my day is going to be by the response I get from my patient. Some patients are quite and timid and some are expressive and talkative. I had a patient last week that was sarcastic and funny the minute I walked through his door. I knew that I could pick on him the same way he picked on me, because we were able to develop that type of relationship from the beginning.

Sometimes, I find that my patients' family members are the ones that are more short, annoyed or hateful towards the staff then the patient themselves. I had an experience not too long ago when the patient's son was rude and hateful to the staff, not his mother. When he left for the day, his daughter stayed with the patient. He wanted to be informed of everything and anything, literally. He wanted to know when she passed gas, had a bowel movement, what was the color, consistency and vital signs of the patient and much more. It was a really strange situation for me to be in. However, I addressed the family with respect and I talked to the patient, not the family, even though they would be asking me questions while I was trying to talk to the patient. I tried to address all their concerns and questions within my scope of practice.

Patient Care
Assessment: peristalsis of bowels, fever r/t infection, swollen abdomen

Management: I:Administration of fluid and electrolytes R:Decrease dehydration and increase peristalsis; I:Administer stool softeners as ordered R:Increase chances of bowel movement; I:Provide comfort measures R:decrease stress on patient and family

Preop: NPO, establish IV access, rectal irrigation to decompress bowel

Postop: Assess bowel sounds, assess for s/s of infection such as enterocolitis, assess wound for perforation

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