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Dec. 5 post conference

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Communication is such a difficult, but vital part of our jobs as caregivers. It is difficult to meet new people and establish a connection with them, but this is what we must do every time we enter a hospital room. Generally I just try to find anything in common with the patient, where are they from, people they know, anything that is similar. Patients tend to open up to you when there is a common thread.
As of yet I have not really had a big problem with a patient being rude to me or annoyed. The only thing I can think of is first semester when I had a patient that was aphasic. He tried to communicate with me, but I just didn’t understand exactly what he was saying. He did seem to get a little frustrated with me, and I just kept telling him that I was trying to understand him, but didn’t exactly get it, and would ask him to repeat it. I didn’t know what else to do.


Assessment – Observe for passage of the meconium in newborns within the first 48 hours after birth. Observe for distended abdomen. If later in infancy or childhood, obtain thorough history of weight gain, nutritional intake, and bowel elimination habits.

Interventions – Monitor for infection, manage pain, maintain hydration, measure abdomen circumference to detect distention.

Pre-Op – generally restricted to clear fluids the day before surgery, and rectal irrigations may be performed to evacuate the bowel.

Post-Op – maintain IV fluids and NG tube. Monitor I&O’s. Administer pain meds as prescribed, and assess at least every hour.

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