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The other end of the Stethoscope-overview

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1The other end of the Stethoscope-overview Empty The other end of the Stethoscope-overview on Sun Dec 11, 2011 2:18 pm


The Other End of the Stethoscope was an excellent book. It was touching and gave me insight into how the words and actions of a caregiver can have influences on the patient’s state of mind. I realize that the patients lying in hospital beds are relying on us “nurses” to take care of them and give them respect, dignity and autonomy. Marcus has taught me to explain even the simplest interventions such as taking vital signs; not everyone knows the expected measures. The book also taught me that honesty is essential in determining the caregiver creditability.

The Watchdog
When I worked on an OB Unit as a CNA there was a patient who was very young in premature labor. She benefited from always having a stuffed animal in her bed. At the time I thought it was a sign of immaturity but now realize through reading the book it was her security blanket and helped her cope with stress. Another example was when I worked on the Medical Unit. There was an elderly lady who had a baby doll and thought it was her own baby. She worried about the baby if it wasn’t in her bed. I realize now that her caring for the doll made her feel in control of the situation.

I usually over apologize when taking out an IV and now realize that one “I’m sorry is sufficient because being overly apologetic can cause your patient to question your abilities.

Rocked the boat
In one of my clinical experiences I noticed that there was wrong IV fluids hanging and infusing on my patient. I had to rock the boat and tell my instructor of my concerns that the previous nurse had made a mistake. I realize that this could make the nurse angry with me but I know that the patient’s wellbeing if my ultimate responsibility.

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