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This book has greatly influenced how I provide patient care. It has taught me to look at my patients as people and try to provide emotional support to them as well as excellent care. It has helped me to pay attention to the little things that we do around patients that can really make a big difference to them.

I haven’t really witnessed any patients “watch-dog” item. I wouldn’t have even thought about this if I hadn’t read this book because you generally think that would apply to younger patients. I never thought that older patients would need that comfort object around but will definitely be conscious of this in the future.

I certainly have a problem with “over-apologizing”. I think this is something that I will need to be aware of and work on in the future. I find I do this often whenever I may be doing something that will cause the patient pain. I always thought of this as a way to sympathize with patients, but after reading Marcus’ perspective I see how it can be viewed differently.

I can’t say that as of yet I have “rocked the boat”, and knowing myself that may be difficult for me to do. However if put in a situation where my patients well being or comfort is at stake I am sure I will have no problem being an advocate for that patient.

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