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Other end...and interventions

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1Other end...and interventions Empty Other end...and interventions on Sun Nov 27, 2011 5:35 pm


Giving unfavorable news is never something you want to do as a human being. The best advice is to be empathetic-put yourself in someone else's shoes. A short and blunt delivery of tragic news is not the way I would handle it. I am to deliver news and also to be a shoulder to lean on. I do not want to cause more injury or harm by a harsh delivery of terrible news. Understandably, when a client is medicated and you must inform them of their condition or someone else's condition, short sentences with simple words would be best. Your tone says more than you can imagine.

Interventions for Perfusion:

Client ambulating.
R- mobilization increases blood circulation throughout the body.

Educate client on factors that can increase perfusion. Elevate feet slightly lower than the heart. Avoid crossing legs, no tight bandages, smoking cessation, low cholesterol
R - the client needs to know behaviors and lifestyles that can affect perfusion.

Assess patient.
vital signs, peripheral pulses, oxygen saturation, skin pallor.
R- the physical assessment is essential to monitoring client perfusion.

Interventions for Infection:

Educate client to have regular foot exams.
R - reduced circulation leads to impaired feeling in feet. The smallest wound can become infected in the immunocompromised diabetic patient. Foot exams can prevent a small wound from becoming a larger problem.

Maintain proper hygiene.
R- Maintaining hygiene will reduce infectious bacteria that may cause infection.

Interventions for immunity:

Monitor for signs and symptoms of sepsis.
High temperature, heart rate increased, increased respirations, WBC increased.
R- These are signs and symptoms of a sepsis infection.

Assess client for periodontitis.
R - Diabetic clients are at an increased risk for developing peritoneal disease.

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Again, thanks Meredith!


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