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Rapport, Interventions/Rationales, and Medications

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It is hard to judge how you will deliver bad news to a patient and their family. Through real life experience I believe we will learn the proper way to deliver the news. Being empathetic and sincere about the situation at hand is the only 2 ways to properly deliver bad news in my mind. So that would be the way I would deliver the news. I’m definitely do not want to, but it is part of our job as nurses to be there for the patient and their family. And Marcus Engel famous words, “I’m here,” are the two words I’m going to always have ready to use in all situations that need it. Having a good rapport with the family is important because if the family feels like they can’t turn to you, then they won’t feel like they can when they need a shoulder to cry on the most. Rapport can be difficult at times. But making each patient unique, individual, and important is the way to reach out to each patient. That is what I strive to do every single day in clinical.

7 rationales- Diabetic Patient (Nurse’s Pocket Guide)
- emphasize need for regular exercise program- enhance circulation and promote general well being
- discuss care of dependent limbs, foot care as appropriate- when circulation is impaired, changes in sensation place client at risk for development of lesions or ulcerations that are often slow to heal
- stress need for regular medical and laboratory follow-up- to evaluate the disease progression and response to therapies
- measure capillary refill- determine adequacy of systemic circulation
- stress proper hand washing by all caregivers between therapies and clients- first line of defense
- provide information and involve in appropriate community and national education programs- increase awareness of and prevention of communicable disease
- ascertain client’s level of knowledge and understanding of therapeutic regimen- provides opportunity to ensure accuracy and completeness of knowledge base for future learning

3 medication classifications that cause hyperglycemia
1. Corticosteroids- Prednisone
2. Bronchodilator- Albuterol
3. Diuretic- Lasix

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