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November 20-26

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In the book he does say that blunt honesty was a good thing but for some, I think, being blunt may be hard and even come across as not caring. I personally struggle with being to blunt and then also beating around the bush. I have been told it is not what you say it is how you say it. And there is a fine line with those two things. I think if you are able to build a caring relationship with your patient through common interests or just being there for them it is a little easier to be blunt and to the point but still show that you are there for them.

I: Weigh pt daily
R: Changes in weight can provide information on fluid balance and volume replacement
I: Measure and record Urine output hourly
R: Fluid vol deficit reduces kidney filtration and renal blood flow causing oliguria
I: Assess skin turgor, mucous membranes and complaints of thirst
R: Poor skin turgor, dry membranes and excessive thirst are all signs of dehydration
I: Instruct in appropriate footwear
R: To prevent injury to the foot sue to decreased sensation appropriate footwear is essentials
I: Teach patient to stop smoking
R: The vasoconstriction effects of smoking reduced the ability of the tissues to heal
I: Teach patient to avoid over the counter self-treatment for foot problems
R: Many over the counter agents contain salicylic acid that may cause ulceration in a diabetic foot
I: Instruct patient in nail care: trim straight across, file sharp corners, consult a podiatrist of unable to manage by self
R: Avoid injury to the toes
I: Teach patient to report signs of infection immediately
R: Early treatment is essential to prevent amputation

Bronchodilator: Albuterol,
Antipsychotic, mood stabilizer: Abilify
Antihypertensive: Coreg

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Thanks Stephanie.

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