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Nov. 29, Interventions and Hyperglycemia

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1Nov. 29, Interventions and Hyperglycemia Empty Nov. 29, Interventions and Hyperglycemia on Mon Nov 28, 2011 10:48 pm


I think that being honest with the patient is the most important factor in building a good relationship with the patient and patient's significant others. Sometimes even when we don't want to deliver the startling news we will have to and we have to remember how if we were in that situation, what would we desire? We would want the truth. Also, setting a realistic goal with the patient when they receive the bad news is something we should do as well. We shouldn't push or support false results, but we should help the patient set realistic goals.

Nursing Interventions for Diabetic patient r/t perfusion, immunity, infection

I:Inspect feet daily
R:Monitor for skin breakdown to prevent infection
I:Educate patient about exercise patterns R:Increase blood perfusion, build immunity
I:Monitor blood glucose
R:Assessment to administer or with hold insulin
I:Monitor CBC
R:Increase in white blood cells indicate infection
I:Assess vital signs
R:Monitor for signs of infection, decreased perfusion
I:Assess peripheral pulses
R:Decrease in pulsation can result in amputation related to decreased perfusion
I:Assess for sensory changes
R:Tingling, numbness may indicate signs of decrease perfusion in extremities

Meds that can cause Hyperglycemia
1. Glucocorticoids- Prednisone
2. Thiazide Diuretics- Hydrodiuril
3. Beta Blockers - Metoprolol

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