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Engel's book

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1Engel's book Empty Engel's book on Mon Nov 21, 2011 9:05 pm


I am enjoying the book so very much; it is a perfect way to envision what our patient's may be feeling and the reality of each individual patient's situation. Nursing is definitively a more personal/caring profession(which is one of the reason's I have always wanted to be a nurse)but he truly describes how imperative that caring, nurturing role is in our profession. I would have never imagined how those two words: "I'm here" could mean so much. We can become so busy and easily overlook the simplest, most important part to our job. I suppose it seems like sometimes there isn't the right words to say, but obviously the most simplest is the best. I am determined to never forget the simple, humanist caring and nurturing that we all need, especially when being in a position like Mr. Engel.

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