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Communication and Hirschsprung's

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1Communication and Hirschsprung's Empty Communication and Hirschsprung's on Sat Dec 03, 2011 12:24 pm


Communication is an essential skill to try and master if you are to succeed in the healthcare industry. Every person is different and has different expectations of their healthcare providers.
I try to establish a rapport immediately with my clients. This relationship enables me to get essential feedback from the client, and it creates a trusting foundation that is necessary for client compliance.
When a client does not wish to communicate with me, I maintain a pleasant and professional attitude without bothering he or she with non-essential small talk. Although, at times, it may just take an extra smile or friendly comment to break the ice with a client. Empathy is the key component in communication in every day life - not just with your clients - but with everyone you encounter. Not always the easiest way to live - but I get up every day and try. Razz

Hirschsprung's Disease

Newborn status.
Failure to pass meconium within first 48 hours of life.
Down's Syndrome? highly associated with H'sprung's.

Medical Interventions:
Semi-Fowler's position - this position will help to relieve the dyspnea associated with abdominal distention.
Small, frequent feeding - this method of feeding will help to reduce constipation.
Assess for enterocolitis - essential due to the risk for developing tissue necrosis.

Pre-op Surgical Management:
Intravenous Hydration
NPO status
Nasogastric tube insertion for decompression

Post-op Management:
Monitor Intake and Output
Teach parents colostomy care
Skin Assessment to monitor for skin breakdown

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