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I am not a big reader of many things other than quick to the point articles and would have probably never started this book without it being a requirement. I found it to be very easy to read and has hopefully changed some of the ways that I approach patients and others in the healthcare field so that I might advocate for my patients.
“Watch dog” I can not remember a pt that had an item that they wanted with them all the time but I can’t say that I would have a problem with it. I would hope that I would also advocate for them to be able to keep it unless absolutely necessary.
“Over-apologize” I think I am in the boat with most that I over-apologize for procedures that I have to do that I know will cause discomfort. I have tried harder to say it once but add to it an explanation of the steps I am having to do to complete the activity at hand.
“Rocked the boat” This has occurred this semester more so with a CNA rather than a RN but when reporting off for the day and letting the nurse know where I stood with my care she understood and agreed that it would need to be done later. The CNA was overly persistent that I ambulate a pt before I left. I did not feel that it was safe due to the pt receiving pheragran about 30 minutes before this and was very hard to arouse. She informed me that she had just been in the room and that the pt was wide awake and talking with her. I went back to the room, attempted to talk to the pt, touched her arm, took a wash cloth and assisted with wiping her face, and even turned on the light. The only thing that the pt did was mumble something about hearing me, barely opened her eyes when I wiped her face, and shifted her arm that I touched. I did not feel comfortable getting her up and having her walk down the hall. This was reported to the nurse and clinical instructor.

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