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Nov 13- Nov 19 Clinical Post

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Care of the Laparoscopic Colectomy Patient
This article discusses benefits of and indications for laparoscopic colon surgery, benefits to this type of surgery related to hospital length of stay, and skin and wound care provided. It gives information concerning nursing interventions and education that take place prior to surgery such as mechanical bowel preparation, broad spectrum prophylactic antibiotics and venous thromboembolism prophylaxis. The article explains that some of these same interventions would occur regardless of the surgery being done laparoscopic or by open surgery.
The difference that it describes is that the there is a decrease in the stress of surgery, fewer complications due to cardio and pulmonary problems, and reduced amount of nights in the hospital. The reduced number of days in the hospital is contributed by a shorter period of ileus and oral intake being started sooner. As these things are taking place the nurse is able to educate the patient about possible complications to report, education of stoma care as applicable and follow up as needed.;col1

The patient that I had this week was struggling with what was going on with her diagnosis and the unknown of the cancer. So far in her stay she had done most everything that was asked but was having a hard time with some of the doctors orders such as abulation.

This point brings me to the book. We some times have to meet them where they are and understand that this moment may be good for us but not for them. We have our own agenda due to patient loads etc. I would like and hope that one day I can walk into a room with total confidence in my skills and to show it in the tone of my voice. For a patient to knnow that I will do everything in my power to help and not harm. I read several points that some times I wonder if I say statements to many times such as "I am sorry" or maybe don't say it at all. But this book has given me a starting point to self reflect as I provide patient care tomorrow.

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I believe to as your evidence based research shows that laparoscopic procedures have a tremendous benefit as compared to an open surgery. Being: quicker healing time, lower risk for infection, shorter hospital stays and cost.

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